The Omsk region authorities plan to attract almost 17 billion rubles for a new airport

The Omsk region authorities plan to attract almost 17 billion rubles for a new airport

A new airport in Omsk is planned to be built at the expense of a public-private partnership. The regional authorities intend to attract almost 17 billion rubles from the federal budget for the creation of the facility, said the governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov.

On Saturday, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, First Vice-President of the Russian Olympic Committee Igor Levitin noted that a good airport should be built in Omsk to host high-level sports events.

"Only from the federal budget for the construction of an airfield, infrastructure - a runway, radar systems - something that is state property - we ask for federal money - a little more than 16 billion rubles. Private companies are ready to invest everything else. Moreover, we are ready to hold a competition between these companies and go to reduce the cost of the object," Burkov said.

According to the governor's press service, the total cost of the facility, including taking into account private investments, is 36 billion rubles.

Omsk-Fedorovka Airport is one of the most famous long-term construction projects of the Omsk region. The decision to build it was made 40 years ago - in 1979, since 1992, construction has been either started or frozen. Currently, the airport is an unfinished complex at the intersection of the Western Bypass and the Tyukalinsky Tract. The construction of the airport was planned to be completed in 2014. This required about 7 billion rubles of investment, which the region did not find.

The main reason for the construction of the new airport is the safety of the city's residents: the current Omsk-Tsentralny airport is located almost within the boundaries of a megalopolis with a population of 1.2 million people, planes take off and land over the city center. The new airport is planned to be built 15 km from the city border and 32 km from its center. The Project Committee of the transport part of the comprehensive plan for modernization and expansion of the trunk infrastructure (KPMI) in early December proposed to include the project in the "waiting list". This list includes objects that have successfully passed the ranking, but are not funded.

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