Terminal 2 of Singapore Airport opened after reconstruction

Terminal 2 of Singapore Airport opened after reconstruction

Singapore Changi International Airport announces the opening after a three-year modernization of Terminal 2.

The terminal area has been increased by 21,000 sq. m, which has allowed to create additional infrastructure and open more shops and restaurants. Now the new terminal will serve flights of 16 airlines to 40 destinations.

The main theme of the T2 design was nature: the central object is a 14 m high digital waterfall located in the departure area, surrounded by a vertical garden.

A new Dreamscape garden with lots of orchids and a digital sky changing color depending on the time of day and weather was arranged in the transit departure area.

It is noteworthy that on the territory of the terminal in the two-story Lotte Duty Free Wine & Spirits restaurant, guests are served by a robot bartender. A 30-meter LED moon is located above the bar. And in the lounge there is a "smart" mirror for selfies, with which everyone can take pictures with popular K-POP artists.

It is expected that the expansion of the terminal will increase the passenger traffic of Changi Airport by 5 million people, and as a result it will be able to serve 95 million passengers per year.

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