Khrabrovo Airport celebrated its 77th anniversary

Khrabrovo Airport celebrated its 77th anniversary

On October 8, 2022 Kaliningrad Khrabrovo Airport celebrated 77 years since its foundation. This is reported by the press service of the air harbor.

The date of the airport's formation is October 8, 1945 – on this day, the head of the Main Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet under the SNK of the USSR (GVF), Marshal of Aviation F.A. Astakhov signed Order No. 199 "On the formation of the GVF airport in Konigsberg".

Kaliningrad Airport was established in Koenigsberg on the basis of one of the oldest airfields in Europe "Devau", which is associated with the history of the emergence of civil aviation in Russia.

Since 1946, the airport became known as Kaliningrad, after the city of Konigsberg was renamed Kaliningrad.

In the early 1960s, with the beginning of the development of jet aviation, the Khrabrovo airfield began to be operated for civilian flights.

The past 77 years are a great period in the history of our country, and this is a significant period for aviation. During its history, Kaliningrad Airport has gone through all stages of development: from the operation of light-engine passenger aircraft to modern jetliners using the latest passenger service technologies.

Today, the airport continues to operate and develop despite the difficulties, limitations and the generally difficult situation in the world. The uninterrupted operation of the airport ensures safe and stable performance of air transportation to the Kaliningrad region.

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