Dubai Airport introduces biometrics for passengers

Dubai Airport introduces biometrics for passengers

The system for allowing passengers to fly using biometrics has started operating at Dubai International Airport, UAE.

"We are improving our services with the latest technologies and innovations and strive to serve customers quickly and flawlessly," said Talal Ahmed Al-Shankiti, Assistant Director General of the Passport Department at Airports of the General Directorate for Residents and Foreigners of Dubai (GDRFA). "Our goal is to make Dubai airports the most convenient for passengers."

According to him, passengers registered in the GDRFA database will be allowed to fly using a person's biometrics - without presenting a passport or other identity card. The use of a facial recognition system will significantly speed up the passage of passport control at Dubai Airport.

The official added that if a passenger is flying to a country where a stamp is required in the passport for passport control, then he can contact the airport staff to obtain an appropriate certificate.

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