Anadyr Airport: history and facts

Anadyr Airport: history and facts

Ugolny Airport is located near the city of Anadyr, the administrative center of the Chukotka Autonomous Region.

1. The airport is built on permafrost.

2. Since Soviet times, the airport has served not only civil aviation. The eastern borders of Russia are reliably protected.

3. Arriving tourists are greeted by the airport with a poster with the inscription "Chukotka. The day begins here" and a stuffed brown bear.

4. The airport is located on the opposite shore of the bay (estuary) from Anadyr. In summer, you can get to the city by boat or ferry, in winter - on ice. In the off-season (May, October) only by helicopter.

5. The airport is named after the Soviet, Russian, Chukchi writer and translator Yuri Sergeevich Rytkhau.

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