A new mother and child room opened at Domodedovo Airport

A new mother and child room opened at Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovo International Airport announces the launch of a new mother and child room located in the new passenger terminal T2.

"Domodedovo is actively developing services for passengers with children — FAMILY SERVICE. And in the midst of the holidays, we are happy to meet young passengers in our new mother and child room, which has everything you need to spend time with your children comfortably and in a calm atmosphere before departure. We are waiting for everyone to visit," said Irina Belinina, head of Family Service.

It offers visitors two spacious game rooms, divided by age category. On the walls there are educational modules for learning about the world around us according to the method of the Italian doctor, teacher and psychologist Maria Montessori. In addition to the game rooms, the FAMILY SERVICE provides a bedroom, a dining area, changing rooms and hygiene rooms.

Diapers and disposable diapers for babies are provided free of charge in the mother and child room. The kitchen also has everything you need: bottle heaters, microwave ovens, coolers with hot and cold water. In addition, a dressing room has appeared on the territory of the FAMILY SERVICE for the convenience of visitors.

During the daytime, animators work in the mother and child's room, who entertain children with entertaining games, regularly conduct master classes and educational lessons timed to festive dates. The room is open around the clock, you can use the services for free.

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